SCANER dental microscopes distinguish themselves by offering excellent value for money.

Designed for Dentist

Better than Excellent

Manufactured in Europe, the dental microscopes are crafted from only the highest quality materials.

German optics

All lenses and prisms are made of glass Schott (Germany). These crystal clear lenses ensure razor-sharp, high-contrast  images, with a large deep depth of field. An even sharper image, with natural color representation, is achieved thanks to the apochromatic optics and their multi-layered anti-reflective coating. The wide-angle oculars have WF 12,5 and feature diopter compensation. This enlarges the exit pupil. When the exit pupil is larger than the human equivalent, it becomes easier to clearly see an image.


Vario lens with a focal length of 200 - 400 mm

The continuous working range of 200-400mm eliminates the need to move either the microscope of the patient up or down in order to achieve a clear image. Assuming the correct sitting posture is much easier as a result of this, staving off rapid exhaustion but also neck and back problems.

Fan-less LED illumination

The powerful 60,000 lux LED lighting situated in the head of the dental microscope closely matches the color temperature of natural daylight. However, little heat is produced in spite of this high light intensity, which prevents a noisy cooling fan from becoming a necessity. When the microscope enters the operational range above the patient, the lighting will activate automatically.



The options are: drivable model, ceiling-mount, wall-mount


The following options are possible:

Orange, prevents premature photopolymerization

Green, improves blood vessel contrast


Video recording and transfer

The standard video microscope can be upgraded with optical adapters to connect cameras and camcorders.



  • Designed for Dentist

  • Brilliant German Optics for a Visible Difference

  • Crystal clear images and high contrast

  • Large depth of field 

  • Ergonomic design

  • High reliability

  • Excellent value for money

  • 3-year warranty

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